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Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7, Life, Stuff

Posted by BlackDevilX - January 21st, 2017

Hey all. Few months since my last post. Anyways, between work, life, the Radio Sega Gig and now a baby on the way, I just havent had the time to really focus on anything flash related.

Can you believe its been 9 years since i last released a flash? Like let me put that into perspective. I was 19 at the time i made episode. It was also 2 relationships ago. Also 2 presidents ago.

To this day, i still have people asking me about episode 7. I know its long overdue, and i know there has been a slew of fan remakes and attempts on the series floating around the internet. I appreciate everyone attempting to keep the series relevant and up to date. Newgrounds will always be the first place i post my content, and will always be my stomping grounds as ive been a fan of the site for a very long time.

But i have decided to pick up the project again. Why? Two reasons. One because of the fans of the series who have been faithful through the years. You deserve it. Second, because I have a child on the way, and i want my kid to be able to express itself the way i did when i was a kid, when i started flash at the age of 13. Flash animation has always been an outlet for me in terms of creativity and whether you loved or hated my series or sprite flash, at the end of it all I am proud of the impact it has had and the joy it has given to people. Below are 2 previews for Episode 7 that i have created in the past. I have had a ton of progress since then, but in the meantime this should suffice. This isnt the final product.

FFSX: Ep7 - Intro Preview

FFSX: Ep7 - Scene 1 Preview

You can reach me a multitude of way, but for now Discord is the best, due to me also being apart of the Radio Sega community. All my other details are on my youtube page.

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First comment, and I gotta say, it's about damned time! <3
I've personally been waiting years to see some serious work done on this poor, almost-mythical episode. You got my support for everything that you need!

Happy to hear that ! can't wait for the full intro, its one of the best things about the final fantasy sonic x series

Hello BlackDevilX!
I'm glad that you work again on Episode 7.

Daaaaaaamnnnnnn man finally. Been waiting 9 years for it, but its alright! finally after 9 years of waiting the news that ur doing it are accept as well huehuehue ^_^ Good luck and I'm happy for u that u gonna have a baby as well... Maan I appreciate u so much!!

Hey BDX just saw the video on your channel and went full fanboy lol. It's been 9 years of a wait we were all worried when you stopped using new grounds entirely for years that you had given up. Then you came back and we were all so happy happy to see you again and also hoping you would continue ffs...now this. I'm so happy to hear my childhood series is continuing now i hope just have to hope Sonic RPG continues. Please take all the time you need for the next episode we already know it will be awsome. Also congrats to hear you have a baby on the way.
I speak for all the your fans when i say welcome back and good luck:)

Thank you man, i appreciate it

I... i don't know what to so, it's been so long, i lost faith some years ago, but everytime i was bored, i came here to play again, i don't like the final fantasy series at all, but this game, was something for me, i was 11 when i played the series for the first time, in the same time, you gone, without explaining nothing, i looked on your profile, nothing. I asked myself: Well, i don't think people that make flashs stay on this way for too long, but look again, 2017 and you are here,again, fulfilling a child dream, can't explain how happy i am to see you back here on newgrounds again, thanks a lot for all the joy you left on every game that you done, all those opening, the characters plots, damn....

A very harm welcome back from Brazil BlackDevilX :)

How much is percentage on Episode 7?

Man ive looked up to your for so long and your back ive tried continuin this but I failer and someone else tried and idk if he succeeded he made an 7 and he tried making an 8 but 9 years of patient was worth it

Yuuusssssssss Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Now we need Mark Haynes to pick up on Super Mario Bros Z as well and everything will be back to normal

What is the name of the song that plays in the preview of the intro?

its ok dude , newrounds is kinda dead now anyways.

Didn't you need more crew to make the voice better or not because i think you have the best inpiration when your'e finishing your project I'll come back to you later BDX Peace

This is fantastic news! I had honestly thought that the series was cancelled, and that you had moved on from sprite flash animation (and Newgrounds in general) as so many other creators of flash have. But I'm so glad that you still have interest in doing such projects (and Newgrounds), and plan on continuing FFSX! :D

P.S. Congratulations on soon becoming a father! :D

I cannot describe my words... like FFSX6 was the first RPG game i have ever played in my life. I was only 6 years old, now im 15. I have been worried that you abandoned this project, but now... ITS FUKIN AWSOM DUD <33 (ok i should calm down). Just thanks... you are like a legend to me, same to your games. Keep on doing good work ;)

Thank you, i just wanted to thank you for making a series that i enjoyed so much, Final Fantasy Sonic X has been a series i really enjoy, i thnka you for continuing the series, i will wait patiently for it, i remember how many times i played the Final Fantasy Sonic Series, it was fun, and still is alot of fun, thank you BlackDevilX for making a series that hit the deepest of my heart, and its good that your doing alright, and congrats on the baby.

Hey man I really appreciate that you decided to continue the series we all do
Also,can we know the percentage of episode 7 and when will it be released?
P.S Congrats on becoming a father

Congrats on becoming a father man!

Erm...Can we get your current progress?
Would be really cool!!

You should keep us fans updated on the game please!
Im so excited hehe.

I remember stumbling onto your series through FFSX ep 5. I fell in love with the series ever since and watched the other episodes and saw the amount of improvement in each 1. I still remember finally watchin' ep 6 and gettin' goosebumps when I heard Ryu's theme in the battle. Sooooooo hype.

I am so grateful to be able to see FFSX ep 7 after 1st finding this crazy site. You and Mid-Night-Maren were my favorite flash animators and the time. Here's lookin' forward to the continuity of the series! :D

I literally just made a newgrounds account for this: CHILDHOOD!!!!!
I used to play your games when i was like 10 years old!!! Duuude. Im so glad i remembered about these series, and even more glad that you decided to keep em going!! I miss sprite series mixing characters from many of my childhood games in epic adventures (with this quality... QUALITY MATTERS).
Ima stop fangirling now, congrats on the baby! Keep it up bro. IM EXCITED!!!

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