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Ski free

Ski free. David Spade.

Send me the song

Short-Factor responds:

Wow, thank you for giving this movie such a thorough review. You somehow managed to critique every aspect of the movie. I'm so glad you took the time out to give me such elaborate feedback, something I need as an artist.
BDX my dearest sweet.
I hate you.

Needless to say, im not impressed.

~To: Diamond Henge Studios/Stephen/Klepto~
I am honored/ashamed for you that you decided to decompile the hell out of FFSX6, and im talking about the slash effects, even my animated BG for green Hill zone. But the big kicker was the fact you stole the entire beam effect. Now that i lold at. Lets not mention the fact that the animated street fighter alpha 3 background was handed to me by 'hadoukendude' (author of the FSM series) personally like 6 years ago, ya basically stole from 2 people, all in one part! Congrats!

Aside from that, the rest of the collab was a typical display of imagination people get when they get their hands on DBZ sounds, and a couple of fancy effects. Lets not get into the fact that this collab, was done before, because that cost you big originality points.

Like you said, this is pretty much Beat up Sandbag, the only difference is that these are a collections of the ones that didn't make the cut. I swear if you guys didn't put names on your parts i could have said that one person did the entire collab, but since this seems to be a mass collection of the same crap, i can give you all the exact same critique.

Now as for the music, I couldn't have even begun to imagine a poorer choice. not only did it NOT fit at all, but it basically bored me. I probably would have never found this if it wasnt for DarkZero down there telling me about DHS and his almighty decompiler, but feelings aside, i dont give out 0's unless it truly deserved it, and this in no way deserves a 0. Normally id give you a 5, but with the apparent decompiling of my stuff, and the lack of originality on EVERYONE'S part, and just the poor choice of music, you earn the great combined score of...!


P.S. Tone down the blur effect. Turn up the sound quality. It felt like i was having a stroke. or a heart attack...or something i dunno.

Joeylicious responds:

It really is a shame that he stole from you honestly.

I greatly respect you BDX, and if we had known that you created that beam effect, we probably would have told him off.

We were aware that the concept of this collab was unoriginal, but we still thought it would be cool to try it out.

I still agree with you that the DBZ shit was unnecessary, but we thought it was what the people wanted.
And to an extent, we were right.

But all we (Well, me anyway) got was a bunch of retard fanboys spamming my inbox, asking me to send them effects, sounds etc.

I am greatly sorry that we wasted your time and very sorry on DiamondHenge's behalf.

Too bad I can't take it down now.

Temper Temper Long Exponent


Short-Factor responds:


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All of you guys, are AMAZING, You guys dont know HOW much you have helped me out! This seriously opened up so many possibilities! I thank you guys for making such an amazing collab, and with such a cool and simple interface!

I will say this though, your buttons at the bottom are a tad bit too light (the music controlling ones)

The Actionscript portion was really the only one i was interedted in, but i glanced at everything else, and i must say, amazing job!

For donations, you guys deserve every penny!

5/5 <---if there was anything higher you would seriously deserve it.

PERFECTION! I hope you will come out with a '09!


You need to add sounds, otherwise it wont be very fun play.


Been awhile since i saw you last.

Anyways, Nice game man, although FUSTRATING AS HELL, however this does have a silver lining. It teaches one how to be smooth with the mouse, which can be good practice for drawing. Anywho Nice game, Im going to finish playing it XD


Arkuni responds:

Hey Devil

Seems a lot thinks that it is too hard. But I'm glad that you still wanna complete it :D

Good luck!

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Short-Factor responds:

It has always been with you.

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