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FFSX7 Intro, 10 Year Hiatus, RadioSEGA finale

Posted by BlackDevilX - July 29th, 2018

Please take a minute to read! Its worth it.

Hey all, first of i would like to thank you all for being SUPER DUPER patient with me. As you all know, I have been super busy with my now 1 year old, when it dawned upon me...as of June 7th, 2018 it has been over 10 years since the release of FFSX6! 10 whole years...wow jesus. 10 years and all i have released was a few clips from a couple of projects here and there. Unacceptable.

So i figured i would work hard on revamping and updating the intro, and I am pleased to present, the intro to Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7! Going forward, I will be hard at work on Episode 7...and then from there...I dont know yet. But in the mean time I will work hard on making sure this episode is the best one yet.

Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7 Intro

One more thing, I LOVE connecting with fans. I thank everyone who has reached out to me via FB, Discord, Twitter, Newgrounds, etc and I am sorry i havent had a chance to respond to everyone individually. To correct this, I have created an Official FFSX Discord Server "HellBlaze HQ" to connect with people and fans alike.

For those who also follow my other works, I am also known as "BDX the Bad Influence" on my radio show, Chaos Control Center. We will be having our season finale on Friday, August 10th, at 7pm EST.

Now, for a couple of helpful links.

  1. My Discord #5055
  2. FFSX Discord - http://bit.ly/bdxffsx
  3. My Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/BlackDevilX
  4. My Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RLewis221
  5. RadioSEGA show - https://www.radiosega.net/shows/schedule/
  6. My Twitter - https://twitter.com/YoBlackDevilX

Song - Hotaru No Hikari - Naruto Opening 5

Stay tuned!


Comments (11)

wut lol
NG is amazing

I can't believe that nostalgia hit me today so after 8 years since I played the last episode I checked your profile to find that you posted this YESTERDAY. The hype will be real and the wait was worth it :)

Out of all my favorite creators on NG. one has awaken finally and it is BDX. missed your work. glad to c you back.

How much is % on Episode 7?

Oooooo baby! I've been right here waiting for (this is a rough guess) about 7 or 8 years. Has the time truly come? If all the crazy awesome stuff from the trailer is in this next game Its gonna be a chart topping masterpiece! Its ambitious, I like it. I'll happily wait as long as it takes. Best of luck with the game, and the KID! Congrats man. Thats crazy, time flies huh.

When will be done FFSX Ep7?

Thank you for continuing this fascinating game

FFSX Ep7 2019? Ok?

OMG!!! I just found out that you came back and I'm so happy that you are working on your project!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck in the future!!!!!

Silver is posible in you game?

still waiting !!!!!!!!!!! fuck you even after giving me hope ... still you fucking cunt aaaaaagh!!!!