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Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7, Life, Stuff

2017-01-21 14:50:20 by BlackDevilX

Hey all. Few months since my last post. Anyways, between work, life, the Radio Sega Gig and now a baby on the way, I just havent had the time to really focus on anything flash related.

Can you believe its been 9 years since i last released a flash? Like let me put that into perspective. I was 19 at the time i made episode. It was also 2 relationships ago. Also 2 presidents ago.

To this day, i still have people asking me about episode 7. I know its long overdue, and i know there has been a slew of fan remakes and attempts on the series floating around the internet. I appreciate everyone attempting to keep the series relevant and up to date. Newgrounds will always be the first place i post my content, and will always be my stomping grounds as ive been a fan of the site for a very long time.

But i have decided to pick up the project again. Why? Two reasons. One because of the fans of the series who have been faithful through the years. You deserve it. Second, because I have a child on the way, and i want my kid to be able to express itself the way i did when i was a kid, when i started flash at the age of 13. Flash animation has always been an outlet for me in terms of creativity and whether you loved or hated my series or sprite flash, at the end of it all I am proud of the impact it has had and the joy it has given to people. Below are 2 previews for Episode 7 that i have created in the past. I have had a ton of progress since then, but in the meantime this should suffice. This isnt the final product.

FFSX: Ep7 - Intro Preview

FFSX: Ep7 - Scene 1 Preview

You can reach me a multitude of way, but for now Discord is the best, due to me also being apart of the Radio Sega community. All my other details are on my youtube page.

#5055 - BDXTheBadInfluence


2016-05-13 18:00:04 by BlackDevilX

Hot damn its been a minute. Annnywhoo, I want to let you know I am alive and well (and getting married, which is one reason behind my being afnewgrounds). Remember my last post about that radio interview with Mike Pollock? Yeahhh that was fun. So fun that I am now doing a normal show every friday at 7:00pm EST on Radio Sega! Tune in to listen to the Chaos Control Center with me and my buddy Cdrom1019

You can also type in your questions and comments and join the discussion as at

See you there!

Radio Interview! Tonight at 9PM!

2013-12-14 12:27:37 by BlackDevilX

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Tonight I will be doing a radio interview with my good friend cdrom1019 as well as Mike Pollock AKA Eggman. So Heres the chance to ask me whatever you want to ask about myself, the series and all of that live. Tune in tonight at 9pm at and!

Well good news is that the intro sequence is finished, but the .fla is already at about 150mb. The only thing is though its starting to become very hard to work with. My computer is super old, and in comparison to the computers out now, an ancient pile of crap. So before i continue on to the rest of the project, I'm going to have to buy a new one otherwise it will take forever to finish this. But you guys already waited like 5 years so whats the rush riiiight lol.

FFSX news/Thank you to all.

2013-09-09 15:32:55 by BlackDevilX

Thank you to everyone who has waited veeerrry patiently for FFSXSeries to continue. Even if you had given up on the series, i understand why! 5 Years is a long time to wait. I want to let you know one major reason why its taken so long is due to switching computers and a corruption on my External HardDrive that houses ALL of my Flash projects. At the time this was before NG had a file share/storage system. Anyways, due to recent events unfolding i figured i would restart X7 from the ground up and make it better than previous episodes.

I will try to respond to as many comments/mail as i can, but i still have a life to worry about outside of this. Only difference is i have a new girlfriend who is in support of me working my ass off to continue this. I will post updates as i go along. Fair Warning, This episode will NOT have anything drawn, and will be fairly large in file size, so i recommend you have either a decent internet connection or something.

P.S. Imma need all my previous voice actors to send me a message if you are still interested or available.


Yeah, I am still alive

2012-08-13 17:49:40 by BlackDevilX

I'll save you the tl;dr story this time and just say, ive been very busy with my job. Ive been out of the country twice and i have been moving around a lot. I should have updated you guys quite a bit now and for that i am sorry.

For those who are wondering or even care still about episode 7, i can tell you that it is STARTED, however it is no where near completion. I have to really up the ante on this episode as the last one was yeeeaarrs ago. I am not going to have you guys wait for 4 years for something that isn't worth it. I appreciate your patience.

Man i was my 22 last post lol.

Yeah, I am still alive

Why do most of you guys hate this day? Is it because you might be single? Or is it because of the constant PDA( Public Displays of Affection) you see everywhere you go with people who are happy? Or maybe its because some of you might be single and wishing you had something to do besides sit at home? Ahh well dunno.

Anyways I'm alive! Let me tell you what Ive been through this year.

Well as some of you know i was in Canada, well around end of may i went back to my lovely home which is NYC. Then 6 months after that i came back to Canada, so yeah here i am. During this entire time i have been working on personal issues, one being that i was a hyperion FAT ASS.

Yes. I became a fat black bastard somehow being in Canada. Talkin about weighing like 300+ pounds. Not wanting to be like every other fat ass around i decided that i need to lose weight, so from March 24 2009 to August 23 2009 i was on a diet and went from 300 to 180.

How the fuck did i go from 220 to 300? Answer is simple.

Fast, fucking food, and sitting on my ass.

Well needless to say i have given up that lifestyle and now cant stand to be around the stuff (Best part is when i went back to NY i got a job at burger king irony eh?) Now i cant stand the smell of fast food shit. Well now after much effort im back down to normal weight.

Not bad for 6 months eh? No i didn't do drugs and no i didn't starve myself. It was actually fairly simple really. During this time i spent working my butt off towards my life and everything has been going well. Not that most of you care but Im back and hopefully will be more active.

So. Later. BDX out

What I've been doing, a NG Review, PMs, and Videos.

2009-03-22 18:36:34 by BlackDevilX

Once again, I will be breaking it down so you could read what you want...

~What I've been doing~

Hello NG! My last freakin blog post was many months ago, so i figure i should update (if you even give a shit) Let see, lets start off with, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. For the last little while, I've been basically taking a break from the net, and been doing other stuff with my time. Since I left, I've turned 21! Holy shit 21. I am now able to drink and gamble in the eyes of NY LEGALLY, awesome. Anyways, I'm back. So I'll be active a bit more from now on.

NG Review

I have always loved coming to Newgrounds. I've been a member for many years, and a lurker before my initial sign up, and the content that you NGers come up with still impresses me. I love everything about this site. From the Add-ons to the layout changes, everything is amazing.

However, recently something has kinda bothered me for a little bit about the front page, and that is the games. It seems most of the games on the front page are simply some sort of remake of a game that has been done about 50 billion times. Basically stuff like, pong, space shooters, etc...that doesn't add anything really new to it. Kind of lame considering there are a lot of pongs, space shooters out there and you cant really change them in that many ways. However as i type this, the current games on the front page are amazing, except for a select few which are lame.

First i would like to address the PMs.

PM: When is FFSX7 coming out?

RE: As it stands, I dont know when i will be releasing it. However i HAVE started on it. I am trying to make this episode as good as possible, because it might be the last. There is a TON of story left in it, so yes, the story will be on a permanent cliff-hanger until i have the desire to continue it once again. But as it stands this will be the last.

PM: Are you switching to drawing or staying with sprites?

RE: I am still not interested in doing sprite work anymore, unless it involves a game of some sort. However, an overwhelming amount of emails and PMs requested that i stick with sprites for the next episode. So be it. FFSX7 will be sprite based, with a few drawings here and there. Don't worry, I've gotten A LOT better. So you wont see crappy looking sonic at the end of X6 no more.

PM: I am a fan of your old stuff, and want to know when is HoH2 coming out?

RE: Wow, seriously. i thought no one gave a shit about that series. Well, surprisingly it is one of my projects at the moment. Considering its the last episode and everything...



Creating Rem Lezar.

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I actually watched the entire video....I challenge anyone to do so.

Creating Rem Lezar, released in 1989, is a children's musical film which revolves around two school children, Zack and Ashlee, and their imaginary hero Rem Lezar.

Every child has a Rem Lezar.

I never had a Rem Lezar

Outta Sight.


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Thanks, Sonic Unleashed, Reviews, and Old Cartoons.

2008-12-07 13:36:06 by BlackDevilX

i'll break up my posts so that you wont have to read the everything to find out what ya wanna read.


First off, id like to say thank you to everyone for their blessing for my gf surgery. Shes fine, and recovered. So thank you to all those people who cared, and thank you for the people who didn't spam the page with stuff like 'FUCK YOU I HOPE SHE DIES'. It shows that ya'll do have some sympathy.

~Sonic Unleashed~

Anyways, I picked up Sonic Unleashed a few days ago for the 360. Already beat it, and what not. Looked on IGN and stuff for the reviews and i have to say that IGN gave it a too harsh of a review. Im not some raving fantard but 4.0? Because of the werehog levels? Thats lame. Especially since the others got 7.0+.

First off, i will say this, I am accounting for the Xbox 360 version of the game, which from my understanding is COMPLETELY different than the wii/ps2.

Heres a video of me Running through the first level for the 360 version.

/* */
The daytime stages are amazing. Everything is fast paced, and sometimes a bit so fast that you cant see whats going to happen. (In the video above, i was boosting the entire time. Sorry if it was looking a bit fast, I was getting an S-rank.) The levels are VERY well done. Everything is beautiful graphics wise (360 version again) and is VERY entertaining.

The Night time stages is where it becomes lame. After ripping through a stage at about 1000+ km/h your bought to a painful crawl when sonic goes into his were-hog form. During this stage, you just spam one of the attack buttons the entire time till you get to the end. And the biggest problem i have had was in the later levels when you have to jump from platform to platform suspended in mid air over death. However, there is no fucking shadow on the ground to tell you where your going to land. That bought this game down alot, as it was their chance to redeem themselves from the glitchy incompleteness that was Sonic 2006.

One thing i enjoyed though was the music. No more guitar heavy songs as your running through the levels. Now its this high speed jazzy type music that sets the mood for both daytime and night stages (up tempo stuff for the day, sleepytime boring for the night).

In my opinion, this game deserves a 7. (360 review only) The werehog kills it.

Why do people review movies saying "Thank you for wasting my life force, <insert however long something was here> of my time, etc etc..? Games i can understand, but this is why you either rent it first, or get a demo.

You're the moron who watched it. You wasted your own time. You wasted even more time bitching about how it wasted your time. Give yourself a medal. =D

~Old cartoons~

Anyone remember this show?

/* */
Or this one?

/* */
Just a few of the things i used to watch.


Lately, i have gotten emails from people wanting me to critique their flash movies (usually sprite which isn't bad.)

Many people would wonder why i would give a super popular flash a 7 versus giving a crappy flash an 8.

It is simple really. I review on their level of expertise, and improvement ratio to their old ones. If you are a relatively new flash author and make pretty blah things, im not going to judge you in the sense of how i would judge someone like Short-Factor.

However, if you have been around since 2004 or something, you would know that flash standards have gone up meaning to compete with some of the big dogs, you have to step up your skills.

With that being said, I take that into consideration when reviewing something REALLY OLD. I've been a NG member since 03 but been on this site since 01. If i review a flash from 2002 i take into consideration how flash was back then. A good reference is looking through the Flash Portal History Collections.

Remember, when you review a flash, that what you do. Review. It is not for bitching about how much you hate sprite movies and that the author should go die in a fire. If you don't like the type of flash, don't review it.

Also, if you don't like a review i have given, please remember, it is MY opinion and i am entitled to it.
Ill be glad to discuss what you though of my review and you are welcome to debate if it was fair.

P.S. Obama wins. Did you think i would post about it? No. I am not happy. I am glad he won, but i am convinced that most people voted for him because he was black. Especially the minorities.

P.P.S My girlfriend is sick, and in the hospital. Please pray her surgery goes well =(.