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Entry #23

Radio Interview! Tonight at 9PM!

12/14/13 by BlackDevilX
Updated 12/14/13

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Tonight I will be doing a radio interview with my good friend cdrom1019 as well as Mike Pollock AKA Eggman. So Heres the chance to ask me whatever you want to ask about myself, the series and all of that live. Tune in tonight at 9pm at and!


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8 days ago

When will be FFS7?
I love the 6th episode, I think that the 7th will be BETTER :)



where is next update ? it's june.

Oh and hey! You could make a kickstarter for a better computer bro! Fans can give away lots of money to help you!
I wish the best for you bro, and I wish I was an awesome animator like you as well haha...

Hey man, i'm still waiting for the awesomeness of final fantasy sonic x7, sprite videos like this and super mario bros z are big part of my childhood. I still love them :S

feel like u said u were coming back (again) and just not doing anything (again). Srry i try not to be a one of thos asshole fans but i feel like ur jerking us around or just some hacker on devil''s acc.



Are you still work om ep.7?

At least you're on this site again! I did miss you.




I'll do yall one better. Since I'm cdrom1019 (this newgrounds account is reeeeeallly old)
Here's the link to my show with Mike and BDX!%20The%20actor%20and%20the%20animator.mp3



Missed it too. BDX, think you could sum up what happened (questions and anweres) to us poor fans who couldn't be there in time?

If only my laptop had an easier time running Newgrounds, I could have listened to the interview! How was it?



Aww, I missed it! Oh well...

Still though, congratulations on getting to be part of something so incredible BDX! I bet that was one heck of an experience! What was Mike Pollock like? Is he as awesome a dude as I've heard he is? :D Also, were there any questions you were asked about your Series that you could inform me of here? ...If it's not to much trouble I mean!

Anyway, congrats once again for being part of that. And still looking forward to Eps. 7 of FFSX! Keep up the awesome work and Happy Holidays my friend! ;D

I hope im listening to the right one

Sounds awesome

12/14/13 BlackDevilX responds:

Im on now!